About Us

Find out what’s happening in the arts in the Custer area!


  • Are you looking for a local musician to perform at your next event?
  • Do you want to know where to buy artwork by your favorite Custer area artist?
  • Would you like to see a dance or theater performance or enroll your kids in a workshop?
  • Contact Custer Area Arts!
  • To list an event, E-mail us.
  • To see examples of artwork, go to Visual Arts.
  • Questions? E-mail us.

Mission Statement

The Custer Area Arts Council’s purpose is to encourage, support, promote, and coordinate cultural activities in Custer County, South Dakota, and in neighboring communities, as may be found feasible.

Board Members

Sheila Martin, President Email

Tommie Leenknecht, Secretary Email

Laurie Arthur, Treasurer Email

Gary Enright Email

Mary Jo Marcy Email

Jan Nuckles Email

Robin Prior Email

Janet Serino Email

Kevin Teasley Email

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